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Thank you for choosing Pothast Technologies for all your e-waste solutions. 

Our business focus is technological waste management. Our aim; to extend and re-use technology as much as possible. By extending the life and re-using electronics we are reducing the amount of new technology being produced by manufacturers, therefore reducing the amount of old electronics being dumped into our landfills. Most people want the latest and greatest when it comes to technology, but what a lot of people don’t realize is by constantly buying the latest and greatest we are putting a huge strain on the environment with unwanted parts, chemicals, and waste that is produced by these items. While recycling programs do exist for eletronics, they are no where near the capacity or availability that we need to retire all of our old electronics, many people still dispose of the items in their garbages or local landfill because recyclers are not well known or too far away to be effective. Municipalities still do not have scheduled pickups for old technology, and most people will need to drive long distances to dispose of their unwanted items properly. In short our landfills are still being overloaded with these products, and it’s up to us to dispose of them properly, and try to reverse some of the adverse effects on the environment created by this modern waste.

By educating the public we are making people aware of the hazards of putting such electronics into our landfills, and giving people solutions, or options on how to properly dispose of their old, unwanted electronics. 
We strive to offer our clients complete disposal options and solutions. 

Please contact us if you have unwanted clutter to dispose of, or for a consultation that best suits your business, or personal needs.

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